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the beginning of their love story, part two


Have you been drinking? And your upset, thats not a good combination. No im not upset, upset is a emotion specific to those how care. Come on thats a lie, you care. You are surprised that i though you would kiss me back, you cant imagine that i tought that you wanted to. That what we have been doing here mean something. Your are a liar Elena, there is something going on beetween the two of us and you now it, and you lying to me and you lying to Stefan and most of all you are lying to your self. I can prove it. *Kiss* No, Damon dont. Whats wrong with you. Lie about this. Stop it, you are better than this come on. That's where you're wrong. *almost kiss* No, no Damon i care about you. I do but, i love Stefan..

its always going to be Stefan.

- tvd

The best scene so far, its sad but i love it ♥


sv: tacl så mycket :) vad glad jag blir!

2010-09-26 @ 20:46:30
URL: http://mmeethildaa.blogg.se/

sv: okej :) är den bra då?

2010-09-26 @ 21:54:56
URL: http://maalinhellstroom.blogg.se/

sv: undra om det finns alla delar på youtube :p

2010-09-26 @ 22:01:04
URL: http://maalinhellstroom.blogg.se/

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