2010-11-18 ? 22:41:32

The beginning of their love story part seven


2010-10-06 ? 20:46:23

The beginning of their love story, part six

E: I need to know the truth. When you broke Jeremy’s neck, did you know that he was wearing the ring?

D: No. No, I didn’t. Katherine really pissed me off. And I snapped, and… I don’t know what I would’ve done if he wasn’t wearing it. Elena, I’m sorry.

E: Thank you for being honest with me. And the answer to your question, about our friendship? Is yes. You have lost me forever...

- tvd






2010-10-01 ? 18:12:29

grab my bags and go

Tell me where am I supposed to go? And who am I supposed to believe. If only you knew what I knew.Then you could see just what I see. So I grab my bags and go, as far away as I can go. Cause everything ain't what I used to know. And I try to hide, but I just can't hide no more. There's nothing worse than feeling like a ghost. You say I look fine, if only you knew what's on my mind. You'd see a whole different sign, I couldn't show you even if I tried. I must have got lost in time when I found out I was only free to be, where ever I want to be. Some say I'm out of sight, how I run and that we're all so blind. If you could open up your eyes, you could see what I couldn't describe. And then, you'd see the signs, and then your soul would be set free, and then you'd be released. And I'm terrified, like I've seen a UFO. Cause everything ain't what I used to know. And I try to hide, but I just can't hide no more. bob ♥

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the beginning of their love story, part five

“You have every right to hate me. I understand. But you hated me before and we became friends. It would suck, if that was gone forever.

So.. is it?

Have I lost you forever?" ...

- tvd

2010-09-29 ? 17:49:08

the beginning of their love story, part four

He saw the ring, that’s why he did it. He knew. He didn’t see the ring. It’s Katherine. She got under his skin. She undid everything that was good about him. There is nothing good about him. Stefan, not anymore. He’s decided what he wants. He doesn’t want to feel, he wants to be hated. It’s just easier that way. He got his wish. I hate him, Stefan.

- tvd

2010-09-27 ? 21:17:19

the beginning of their love story, part three

Whats going on in here? Nothing jeremy it's okey, just go back to bed. No it's not okej elena, he wants to be a vampire. *Hands around Jeremy's throat* No Damon stop it. You wanna shut out the pain? It's the easiest thing in the world. And the part of you that cares it just goes away… All you have to do is flip the switch and snap *breaks his neck* Noooooo

- tvd

2010-09-26 ? 18:35:03

the beginning of their love story, part two


Have you been drinking? And your upset, thats not a good combination. No im not upset, upset is a emotion specific to those how care. Come on thats a lie, you care. You are surprised that i though you would kiss me back, you cant imagine that i tought that you wanted to. That what we have been doing here mean something. Your are a liar Elena, there is something going on beetween the two of us and you now it, and you lying to me and you lying to Stefan and most of all you are lying to your self. I can prove it. *Kiss* No, Damon dont. Whats wrong with you. Lie about this. Stop it, you are better than this come on. That's where you're wrong. *almost kiss* No, no Damon i care about you. I do but, i love Stefan..

its always going to be Stefan.

- tvd

The best scene so far, its sad but i love it ♥

2010-09-26 ? 04:31:35

the beginning of their love story, part one

How are you doing? Great, walking on the sunshine. Thanks for asking. We should be able to talk about this we are close enough now, i really wanna know how you do it. I kissed you, i tought you kissed me back, how are you think im doing. I think you are hurt. No I dont get hurt. No you dont admit that you get hurt, you get angry and cover it up and do something stupid. You know what.. why is it such a surprise that I would kiss you? That's not a surprise, im surprised that you tought I would kiss you back. Well.. now im hurt.
- tvd